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My name is Suzy Gibson. I have knowledge about European culture as I am from Hungry and have lived in the United States for three years. It was 5 years ago when I started to love doing decoration for my house. I love the romantic lighting of candles and flowers which are all so beautiful materials. Over the years, I have worked with several clients to help them achieve their dream space. I see myself evaluating other spaces for decorations wherever I go, such as friends, businesses, and office buildings. Everyone that works with me sees my face, I am so happy and never tired, putting everything that I have into this is my true passion. This is what drove me to go to school for Interior Decoration, learn everything that I can about the field and open my own business. I am that person that walks into every room and say “this is what I would do to make this room better.”

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My name is Justin Gibson, and I graduated with a Masters in Finance and Economics, giving me a unique understanding of the financial side of interior design. I have been working with the lead designer Suzy for over 3 years and am now the office manager. I'm passionate about helping people create the perfect home for their budget and lifestyle. With my financial background, I will work with your budget to get it done. My goal is to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Interior Designer

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